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Fufeng Pagoda

Fufeng Pagoda

Fufeng mountain, also named Yandun mountain, lies in the center of the city and Fufeng Pagoda is perched on the top of the mountain. The pagoda is a seven-storey, octagonal brick tower. Visible from all over the city, the pagoda is another landmark of Zhongshan.
The pagoda was first built in 1608 with a height of 24.5 meters. It is one of the oldest and most famous ancient towers in Zhongshan, weathering wars and revolutions.

The original tower was covered by bricks on the surface and hollow inside. In 1983, the local authorities reconstructed the tower and decorated it with lighting. The rebuilt tower remains to be seven-storey, but the top three stories are filled with earth while the rest of the four stories are hollow with stone steps leading to the corridor of each stories. The climb up the claustrophobia-inducing staircase has its rewards: the city and the surrounding area are beautifully unfolded; the view is especially spectacular at sunset or at night when the city lights twinkle beneath you.. Now the lower three stories are open to tourists.

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