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Report on the Work of the Government in 2012(Abstract)

Report on the Work of Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government

Delivered at the 1st Session of the 14th Zhongshan Municipal People's Congress on January 8, 2012

Mayor Chen Maohui is addressing the report.

The past five years witnessed dramatic increase of comprehensive strength.

The total output value of the city is estimated to surpass 200 billion yuan. GDP per capita rose from 42,000 yuan to 71,000 yuan; it grew by 65% as the permanent population grew by 22.5%. The industrial output increased to 620 billion yuan. The GDP, industrial output, the general fiscal budgetary revenue, the investment in fixed assets and the total mount of retail sales of consumer goods all doubled, ranking No. 5 in economic strength across Guangdong Province. The industry has been sharply upgraded with the three industrial structures being adjusted to 2.7:55.8:41.5, the output value of high-tech product rising by 20% annually, and the output value of assembly manufacturing industry increased by 19.3% annually. The total profit of industrial enterprises of certain scale rose by 1.6 times, and the added value of services sector in the proportion of GDP increased by 5.4%. The number of enterprises whose output value exceeded 100 million yuan increased from 480 to 759, and 18 companies were listed. 3.8 billion dollars of foreign investment was utilized, gross export value increased by 61%, the bonded logistics center was put into operation, and 4 provincial industrial transferring parks were built. The ability of science and technology innovation was strengthened, with a ten-fold increase in the number of patents authorized. Moreover, 46 engineering centers and technology centers above the provincial level were built. Zhongshan has gained the award of National Scientific and Technological Progress City for the 5th consecutive year. The total reduction of main pollutant emissions took the top place in the provincial assessment of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan". 

The past five years witnessed great changes in urban construction.

24.8 billion yuan is allocated to develop traffic and build “five horizontal, six longitudinal, seven high-speed, nine-encryption” railway network. Guangzhou-Zhuhai Western Route (Phase II), a Branch Line of Zhuhai section of the Western Coastal Highway, Guzhen-Shenwan Highway (Phase I), Chengui Road (Phase II), and the Sanjiao section of Fuyuan Road have all been built and opened to traffic. The density of highways per 100 square kilometers rose from 92.5 kilometers to 109 kilometers. A breakthrough is made in rail transit, with six inter-city light-rail stations put into use. One Port and Five Zones has been well constructed, with the import and export cargo throughput of Zhongshan port totaling 5.6 million TEUs. A number of energy projects including Jiaming Power Plant (Phase II) have been put into use. Water conservancy and disaster prevention projects assigned by the province have also been completed. 20 sewage treatment plants and 669 km pipeline network were built, with the urban sewage centralized treatment rate reaching 87.5%. The integrated garbage treatment base from the center group and the northern group was put into operation, with the bio-safety disposal rate of the urban household garbage reaching 100%. The green space system of "a core part of multi-corridor” has been built, and the provincial green road (Zhongshan section) has been opened to traffic. With the completion of 16 national ecological demonstration towns, Zhongshan became a national ecological city.

The past five years witnessed significant improvement in urban and rural coordination.

Urbanization level reached 87.9%. The per capita disposal income of urban residents reached more than 27,000 yuan and the per capita net income of rural residents reached more than 17,000 yuan, with year-on-year increases of 7% and 12% respectively, marking the least gap of income between urban dwellers and rural residents in the entire province. 7.8 billion yuan was spent on agriculture, rural infrastructure improved day by day and road transportation and broadband networks were fully deployed. 43 agriculture bases for scale production and 80,000 acres of modern agricultural parks with an annual increase of 73% in production value per acre were developed, and 59 residential districts for farmers and consolidated 779km main roads were established. The comprehensive reform for rural areas, with rural land circulation rate of 95% was steadily carried out and unified accounting reform for share holding cooperative system in the countryside and village was completed.

The past five years witnessed remarkable promotion in system reform.

The administrative approval system was innovated to promote the practice of online approval and electronic monitoring system was established. The new round of government institution reform has been basically accomplished. The reform of institutional personnel system made progress, and the governance reform of streamlining administration and strengthening the towns were carried out. The agent construction system of government projects was put into practice and private investment was encouraged. The new mechanism of the public finance management has been constructed; the policies of “Township-Level Finance” and “Special Subsidies” in the less developed town have been implemented. Zhongshan took the lead in implementing scoring service management for transient population domestically. It implemented The Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (2008-2020, strengthened cooperation with Zhuhai and Jiangmen by taking the lead in the mutual recognition of annual tickets for motor vehicles, and actively participated in the cooperation with Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

The past five years witnessed great improvement in administrative services.

We pursued administration according to the law, and voluntarily accept the supervision of Zhongshan Municipal People’s Congress in consistent with the law and the democratic supervision of CPPCC Zhongshan Municipal Committee. We continued the system of information sharing and reporting to the Municipal Party Committee, Zhongshan Municipal People’s Congress and CPPCC Zhongshan Committee for important affairs. Over the past five years, we have already dealt with more than 541 motions proposed by deputies to the Zhongshan Municipal People’s Congress and 1071 proposals from the CPPCC Zhongshan Committee, with a response rate of 100%. We took the lead in establishing administrative reconsidering committee and county-level pilot of it, standardized the experience of the discretionary power of administrative punishment, and promoted it in Guangdong province. We accelerated the transformation of government functions, carried out the practices of public and online governance, and expanded the channels for people to express their thoughts. We strengthened the innovation of petition mechanism, constructed the “great mediation structure”, set up 537 people’s mediation committees, 481 grass-root labor dispute mediation committees and 279 centers for comprehensive treatment, petitions and stability maintenance, firmly carrying out law popularization and legal assistance, thus ensuring social harmony and stability.

The past 2011 was the final year of this government’s term. Seizing the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, the municipal government centered on the core tasks of accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, and building happy and beautiful Zhongshan, with emphasis attached to industrial transformation, development promotion, overall arrangement optimization, transportation improvement and benefiting people’s livelihood. Concentrating on development and construction, we strived to implement the policies, taking the overall economic and social development to a new stage.

The past five years witnessed significant improvement in people’s livelihood.

The central government allocated 1.37 billion yuan for social insurance, carried out unified social security system covering both urban and rural areas, and achieved complete coverage of social basic pension insurance for both urban and rural residents, inpatient and outpatient medical insurance. People participating in social security scheme increased from 3.712 million to 7.056 million, the monthly pension insurance for urban workers increased from 924 yuan per capita to 1736 yuan, and the amount of reimbursement about basic medical insurance was up to 300,000 yuan. We established unified employment system covering both urban and rural areas, built a national entrepreneurial city, took the 1st place of Guangdong province in the assessment of rural labor force transferring.

We constantly improved the social relief and aid, and our Charity Parade won the China Charity Award. The government allocated 15.8 billion yuan to prioritize education development, enabling all the townships to become provincially strong educational towns, realizing free compulsory education and 100% of gross enrollment ratio of senior high school, popularization of higher education and extraordinary development of vocational education.

We continued to improve the medical and health services, built 11 national health towns, and supplied all the villages with health stations. We implemented eight cultural projects, such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Culture. Zhongshan City was given the title of Advanced Region of Nationwide Cultural System Reform and became a well-known historical and cultural city. The public cultural facilities covered both urban and rural areas, and all the cultural stations in the towns reached national special standards. Zhongshan was also given the title of Advanced Unit of National Family Planning Services, with an annual natural growth rate of 4.8% in average for its household registration population.

The universal exercising movement was extensively launched, and the achievements of competitive sports were noticeable. Zhongshan City defends its title of national Double-support Model City for a second consecutive year. We successfully completed the aid construction of Xuankou, Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, and the implementation of the two policies of poverty relief took the lead in the province. Our safe production and construction continued to be good, with fires and traffic accidents declining year by year. Zhongshan was awarded the title of Excellent City of Comprehensive Management and Public Security for the 4th consecutive time. The construction of national cultural City made solid progress.

We have enjoyed steady and rapid economic growth and a good beginning of the Twelfth- Five-Year Plan. It is estimated that the GDP of Zhongshan city increased by 13.5% to 218.2 billion yuan, with an increase of 12.5% in per capita GDP; the added value of industry was about 115.41 billion yuan, an increase of 14.3%; the added value of service industry was 90.55 billion yuan, an increase of 13%; the general fiscal budgetary revenue grew by 31.3% to 18.31 billion yuan; the investment in fixed assets rose by 20% to 75.46 billion yuan. The total value of export reached 25.1 billion dollars, an increase of 11.5%; the total mount of retail sales of consumer goods increased by 16.9% to 75.8 billion yuan.

We speeded up the transformation and constantly enhanced the development quality. A series of policies such as “three 100 strategy” began to take effect. We introduced the first batch of 50 projects among the total 100, with an investment of 78 billion yuan, and the investment in land and its yield both increased significantly. Sales and tax revenues of Top 100 domestic enterprises rose by over 20%. The transformation and upgrading of 100 foreign enterprises and processing enterprises made headway, and the domestic sales of processing trade rose by 8%, fulfilling the task assigned by the province in advance. 5,145 individually-owned businesses were upgraded to enterprises. The investment introduced by “March 28th Trade Fair”, state-run enterprises, private-run enterprise, and Global 500 enterprises reached a new high. Government spending on R&D accounted for 2.1% of GDP, and the State Intellectual Property Rights Protection Center settled in Zhongshan. We introduced 3 national innovation platforms and our Torch High-tech Development Zone became National Innovation High-tech Park. We also awarded talents for contribution in technological innovation in order to make the breakthrough in national and provincial patent prizes. We vigorously promoted the transfers of both industries and labors, implemented “three old renovation” (renovation of old towns, old villages and old factories) to rebuild the 2000-hectare land, thereby winning the provincial-level first prize in saving land resources. Production rates in industries above designated size increased by 17%, and overall benefits index achieved an increase of 10 percentage point.

We intensified the construction of infrastructure, and remarkably improved the city’s appearance. Cuiheng New District was listed as project of “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, and Cuiheng international tourist town has been under planning. The construction of main urban area expanded to “six districts and four towns”, and municipal administration covers both urban and rural areas. We improved the transportation conditions; some projects like New Qijiang Highway, Guzhen-Xiaolan section of New Shishui Route, Fugang Road and Chenggui Road have been opened to traffic. The Phase II of Guangzhou-Zhuhai Highway’s central line, Phase III of Guangzhou-Zhuhai Highway’s western line, East Fast Line, Xiaolan Highway and Sanjiao-Gangkou section of Fuyuan Road have been accelerated. We have completed the second-term projects on smart transportation, with 334 new energy buses being put into use and public travel sharing rate hitting 20%. 58 kilometers non-motorized road was constructed, 4000 public bicycles were available, which represents a new trend of environment-friendly transportation. We planted 300,000 trees, which significantly advanced the grade of forestation in the city. Construction projects on retaining fresh water and resisting saline water of Quanlu Water Plant and the expansion of Changjiang Water plant have been completed and put into use. The wish for Qijiang Cruise has come true.

We accelerated environment protection and made breakthrough in ecological civilization. Zhongshan passed the re-inspection of National Environment Protection Model City, and strived to become National Ecological Civilization Model City. We strengthened efforts to control water pollution in Qianshan River basin, Inland River and Qijiang River, ranking in the lead in the assessment of overall water pollution treatment of Pearl River, and won the title of ‘Clean City’. We accelerated the construction of the Southern base for garbage comprehensive treatment and the integrated disposal center of solid wastes. We completed 500 hectare of stand improvement, with a forest coverage rate of 19.3%. Units’ energy consumption in production reduced by 4.1%, and the excellent air quality rate reached 99.8%.

People’s livelihood insurance has been continuously improved, and social undertakings been harmoniously advanced. Main spending on people’s livelihood was 13.61 billion yuan, an increase of 38.8%. We added 51,000 jobs and limited urban unemployment rate under 2.1%. We built 71 new fair-price shops, vegetable bases and refrigeration houses, and kept the price growth of consumer goods at about 5%. Our universal moral cultivation movement became provincial pilot program. 190,000 households shifted to digital TV, and Suburban Culture Activity Room All-Coverage has become the example of national public cultural service. We carried out basic public health programs like prevention and control of contagious disease, passed the re-examination of National Health City, and further enhanced food and drug safety. We prepared to build 8609 indemnificatory houses, exceeding the quota required by the province. We implemented the unified minimum living security standard in both urban and rural areas, renovated 572 dilapidated buildings of low-income families, and installed 20,000 “goodwill ring bell” for the elderly. We firstly accomplished the full coverage of community workers’ service centre, won the title of China Social Administration Innovation City, and “2+8+N” pattern became the example for full coverage of national rural community construction experiment. 8 mechanisms on harmonious labor relations were promoted nationwide. The video monitoring system of social security covered 5891 points across the urban and rural areas, thus reducing production safety accidents of all kinds and direct economic losses by 2.4% and 22.3% respectively. The contributions from the development of foreign affairs, Macau and Hong Kong affairs, and Twain affairs were distinct, and national religious work played an outstanding role in promoting social harmony, and great progress was made in work on statistics, auditing, construction of national defense, women, children, the old, the disabled, weather, personnel protection, archives, local records, etc.

Great success of 100th anniversary of 1911 revolution strengthened the influence of Zhongshan as the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
We implemented the concept of “Benefiting people is the best commemoration, and development is the best succession”, and successfully held over 100 activities in four series. We invested 200 billion yuan in 42 major projects, and Sun Yat-sen Cultural Festival, 1911 Revolution Memorial Park, celebrities sculptures in Sun Yat- Sen Park and thematic sculptures in Xingzhong Park all debuted. Not only did they unite people in Zhongshan, but also improved the city image. They enhanced industrial transformation and upgrading, improved the well-being of people, the citizens’ qualities, the appearance of urban and rural areas as well as the city’s competition in an all-round way, and greatly increased the cohesion and influence of Zhongshan as the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
Outlook of the next five years and Suggestions for 2012 .

The next five years will be golden period for our scientific development, a critical time for transformation and upgrading and reform deepening, and an opportunity for spanning development. Given the domestic and international situations, we are facing both unprecedented opportunities and ordeal challenges. With the dramatic changes in international economy, the trend of domestic economic and social development going well in the long term remains unchanged, and efforts to construct the world-class urban agglomeration in Pearl River Delta stepped up. Zhongshan city has continually strengthened the good foundation accumulated over the years, creating favorable conditions for accelerating development. Meanwhile, amid rigorous and complex international conditions, rising instabilities and uncertainties of global economic recovery, pressures of downward domestic economic growth and upward commodity prices and bolstered competition in Pearl River Delta, Zhongshan is faced with lack of internal motivation in economic growth and greater challenges in accelerating our development.

We should always be prepared for any eventualities and opportunities, strengthen strategic planning, enhance handling ability, take the initiative, and promote the development for longer term, higher standard and better quality. In the coming five years, we will integrate our thoughts and actions into the decision and deployment at the 13th Zhongshan Municipal Party Congress, correctly balance the relationships between the speed of development and transformation and upgrading, between economic construction and social construction, between enriching people and building the city, between industries and urban environment, between development and environmental protection, between co-establishing and sharing, making the city more prosperous and beautiful, more harmonious and happy.

The general requirements of the government’s work over the next 5 years are: to thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, to conscientiously carry out the spirit of the 13th Zhongshan Municipal Party Congress, and fully implement the Planning The Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (2008-2020) and the outline of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. We also need to strengthen the awareness of average development, intensification, quality and coordination in development. We need to put efforts into industrial upgrading and core strength improvement, urban transformation, and construction of an ideal city, improving livelihood and sense of happiness, promoting social administration and harmony and stability, striving for green development, environmental preservation, cultural guidance and construction of spiritual homeland. We will strive to take the scientific development characteristic of west bank of Pearl River Estuary, and thoroughly build a happy and beautiful Zhongshan suitable for entrepreneur, innovation and living.

The objectives and main tasks of the municipal government for the next five years:

---Comprehensive strength leaping to a new stage. By 2016, our GDP will grow at an annual growth rate of 11%, with per capita GDP topping 110,000 yuan. We will aim to significantly change economic development mode and further optimize the industrial structure, and achieve coordination between speed, quality and efficiency, between consumption, investment and exports, and between population, resources and environment. We will noticeably enhance urban economic strength, growth momentum and innovation capability.

---Social development making new achievements. We will better the unified social security system in urban and rural areas, raise the rate of pension insurance of urban registered employees to nearly 100%, keep the natural population growth rate below 7‰, and enhance gross enrollment rate of higher education to more than 60% and the gross admission rate of preschool three-year education to 98%. We will continue to improve the national education system and people's health and make overall progress in social undertakings.

---Urban construction taking on a new look. We will further optimize the urban function layout and enable the effects of the new urban pattern to emerge. We will better infrastructures including transportation, water conservancy, energy, municipal administration and telecommunications, have a highway density of 126 km per 100 square kilometers, score comprehensive progress in information network, ecological protection, energy saving and emission reduction, significantly accelerating urbanization.

--- People’s livelihood achieving new improvements. We will make people’s life better-off with an annual average increase of 8% in per capita disposable income for city dwellers and 9% in per capita net income for rural residents, further narrow down income disparity between city and countryside, reach a urbanization rate of nearly 90%. We will markedly improve the sharing of development achievements, public services and equal treatment.

---Culture guiding new steps. Along with the continuous improvement of Dr. Sun Yat-sen culture’s value and the tangible result of universal moral cultivation movement, we will perfect the unified urban and rural public cultural service system, and foster cultural undertakings. The ratio of value-added cultural industry in total output will reach 8.5%. We will make overall improvement in urban civilization and make new progress in building Zhongshan into a cultural city.

---Democracy and rule of law reaching a new level. We will accelerate the transformation of government management services, and further optimize government structure and make management more transparent, decision –making more scientific and supervision more sound. We will speed up the improvement of urban and rural grassroots administration system, gradually raise the degree of social autonomy and effectively ensure public security, so as to form a harmonious society which everyone should be responsible for and would share with.

The year of 2012 is the first year of the work of new government, and it is pivotal for us to fulfill the task of the “four-year development” of The Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (2008-2020). We need to thoroughly implement the guiding principle of the Central Economic Working Conference, the deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and the spirit of the Thirteenth Municipal Party Congress. We should steadfastly take scientific development as the theme and accelerating transformation of the economic development mode as the main thread, with speeding up transformation and upgrading, the development of happy and beautiful Zhongshan as the core. We center on the key points of steady growth, promoting transformation, strengthening foundation, optimizing environment, improving harmony, benefiting people’s livelihood to develop with secure stability and more effective progress. At the same time, we promote steady, healthy, and substantial economic development, and continuously enhance the quality of development and people’s sense of happiness.

The major targets for this year’s economic and social development are as follows: to increase GDP by 11%, decrease energy consumption per unit of GDP by 3.9%, increase social fixed assets investment by 16%, the total mount of retail sales of consumer goods by 16%, foreign trade export by 7%, the general fiscal budgetary revenue of local government by 12%, the per capita disposable income of city dwellers by 8% and the net per capita income of rural residents by 9%, keep the CPI increase around 4% and the urban registered unemployment rate below 3%. The natural population growth rate should stay within 7‰. Energy conservation and emission reduction index should meet the issued restrictive annual plan of the province.

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives in 2012, the followings are important:

1. Maintaining steady, healthy and sustainable development of the economy

Improving quality and benefit of development. We should persevere in the development orientation of “low energy consumption, low area occupation, fine workers, more innovations, high profits, friendly ecology and favoring residents”. The funds of the municipal financial budget in support of industries will add up to 0.5 billion yuan. We need to develop substantial economy and enhance the inclusiveness of development. In addition, we seek to make the per capita GDP rise by 10% whilst the output value of high-tech products accounting for 40% of the total output value of industrial enterprises above designated scale. The index of quality benefits, such as the overall labor productivity rate, the added value of unit construction land etc, were improved noticeably. The overall plans of the project arrangement and production factors which include index of land, land storage, capacity of environment, power supply, supportive funds, should be made scientifically. We should use land economically and intensively aiming at making best use of idle land while at the same time additional index of land should link up with the effect of land use. The “three old renovation” (renovation of old towns, old villages and old factories) will be implemented in 6666.7 hectare land in this year in order to accomplish the confirmation and approval procedures of the used land.

Implementing the “three-100 strategy” deeply. We must accelarate the transformation and upgrading of top 100 foreign-funded and supplied material processing enterprises whilst doing our utmost to strengthen the domestic-funded 100 enterprises, and attract top 100 enterprises to settle down in Zhongshan. We should enhance trade and investment promotion while at the same time giving an impetus to the projects of government enterprises, non-governmental enterprises and Fortune Global 500 contracted on March 28th trade fair to settle down. On the other hand, the headquarters economy policy should be implemented to support local enterprises and attract enterprises in other cities to establish headquarters in Zhongshan. We need to encourage the merger and restructuring of quality companies and develop growing and science-based SMEs. We should foster brand images, cultivate famous brands and labels into leading ones, and forge more enterprises with annual output values above 1 billion yuan or tens of billion yuan, with industrial added value up by 12%.

Developing economic coordination zone actively. According to the principles of the “municipal overall planning, township cooperating, balanced interest and integral development”, we need to set up the municipal economic coordination zone as pilot, improve benefit allocation mechanisms like taxation increment sharing, forge new platform for loading cutting-edge projects, enhance the develoment of quality new zones, upgrade professional towns into new zones, propell the development of the administrative area economy to economic area economy. Strengthing the optimization and integration of industrial parks, we should seek to build the modern TCM city of South China and National Health Technology Park so as to drive the double transfer of industries and labour forces. `

Expanding investment to boost consumption. We should increase investment, and optimize the investment pattern whilst arranging 126 municipal key projects and planning the investment of 21.2 billion yuan this year. We should also invest more to support those enterprises that embrace proprietary intellectual property rights and brands, seek to get the support from the superior financial and credit funds and meanwhile actively expand non-governmental investment. It is crucial for us to support the enterprises to expand domestic market, to carry out the sales of Zhongshan products line nationwide, to explore and establish the economic and trade cooperation platforms outside Guangdong Province and to advance comprehensive benefits of the professional exhibition. Facilitating the pulling force of consumption on economic growth is conducive to developing new types of consumption such as green, healthy, online shopping. The commercial development of inter-city rail station should be accelerated and the establishment of Xingzhong Square, Fuhua and Yihua business circles should be strongly carried out as well. What we really need to do is to implement the vegetable basket project and speed up the three constructions like the construction of the fair-price shop. We need to promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market, maintain the order of market price, reinforce the establishment of social credit and construct a convenient and worry-free consumption environment.

Stabilizing export and encouraging import. We should increase the reclaiming depth of export market, reverse the weak condition against the increase of Euramerican trade, develop market segment of Hong Kong and European Union, explore emerging markets of ASEAN, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Russia, set up credit financing platform of foreign trade enterprises and form a sound export credit risk security mechanism while at the same time improving the import policy and guiding enterprises that should focus on enlarging the technology and product imports listed in the province-encouraged catalogue. To optimize the environment of port customs clearance, we should support the bonded logistics center to declare the comprehensive bonded area and prepare for the early warning and response work of international trade barriers. We should be in support of transformation and upgrading of the foreign trade enterprises whilst implementing 8 series and 30 supportive policies and enhancing the international competitiveness of Zhongshan products.

2. Speeding up the transformation and upgrading of industries

Reforming and enhancing the advantages of traditional industries. We should deeply carrying out plans including the prosperity of traditional industries, the renovation of professional towns, the strengthening of industrial cluster and also promoting some industries including lighting, household appliances, hardware locksets, leisure clothes, rosewood furniture etc, to extend to high value-added links. Some demonstration sites of provincial industries such as Guangdong Lighting International Purchasing Center and Xiaolan Industrial Design Base should be established. We should give support to a number of industrial clusters setting up the price index whilst seizing the pricing rights of the enterprises. The traditional industries should be reformed with the utilization of information technology, the e-commerce platform of the small household appliances should be set up in Huangpu town, and the technology application pilot of the Internet of Things should be carried out with the refined management of enterprises. Meanwhile, we should build quality city, implement criterion strategy that boasts municipal science and technology whilst encourage enterprises to participate in drafting international standards and also formulating national standards.

Developing advanced manufacturing industry vigorously. We should propel the high- end development of manufacturing industry, and also give priority to cultivating manufacturing industries including information industry, shipbuilding, marine engineering, electrical elevator, heavy castings, manufacturing equipments, etc. The establishment of 15 key projects consisting of China State Shipbuilding Corporation' Zhongshan Base, China Southern Engineering Equipment Corporation, Thyssen Elevators, Monfongs Textile Dyeing Machinery etc, should be accelerated at full blast. We seek to accomplish the output value of coastal equipment manufacturing base beyond tens of billion yuan within this year and the added value of the advanced manufacturing industry accounting for 33.9% of that of industrial enterprises above the designated size.

Cultivating and developing the emerging industries of strategic importance. We should drive the scale development of emerging industries and focus on cultivating some industries including new energy, new light source, cutting-edge information technology, health and medicine, etc. Meanwhile, we should also accelerate the establishment of large-scale wind turbine industrial base, new energy vehicle driving system industrial base and high power LED packaging projects, coordinately with the implementation of applying projects such as New Energy Vehicles, Semiconductor Illumination, Smart Grid, Solar PV, to set up the green lighting model city. We should promote the completion of National Software Service Demonstration Base and Compass Navigation Satellite Industrial Base.

Speeding up the development of modern service industry. The accumulative development of service industry should be motivated, the development space of service should be broadened, and the key accumulative areas, projects, and the establishment of enterprises should be accelerated with the consolidation of service statistics. It is vital to give priority to the cultivation of local finance, information service, industrial design, modern logistics and business exhibition, etc. While at the same time, we need to promote the brand and scale management of commercial catering and community service. The establishment of some key projects should be accelerated such as Health Care Information Technology Area of Guangdong Province, Service Innovation Area of Household Appliances of South China, Zhongshan International Financial Center, Xiaolan Financial Tower, Integrated Service Area of Lighting Industry, Shiyu UNIS Industrial Park, Suning Logistics whilst we should enhance the radiation capacity of some accumulative areas covering the CBD of Eastern District, the pilot zone for service comprehensive reforms of Western District, Shiqi comprehensive pilot site, software and digital household incubation industrial base of Guangdong, etc. The added value of service increases by 12%, occupying 43% of the total output value.

Developing tourism actively. We should speed up the establishment of Cuiheng international tourism town into one that boasts lingnan style and the amorous feelings of China. Starting the phase II construction of Qijiang Cruise is for the purpose of enriching its connotation with the establishment of some key projects such as flourishing Yacht Club, and the reform of Hot Spring Hotel. We will do our utmost to hold Lingnan Tourism & Culture Festival, Xiaolan Chrysanthemum Festival, Shiqi Recreational Travel Festival, etc. while at the same time promoting unique tourism such as industrial tourism, Xiangshan gourmet food, health fitness and yacht leisure, and forging a regional self-driving tour base.

Developing modern agriculture solidly. Modern agriculture has been earmarked officially 0.31 billion yuan to develop conservative, efficient, and ecological agriculture. Promoting the coalescence between agriculture and modern logistics, e-commerse and sightseeing tour can enhance the connotation of the demonstration region of modern agriculture. In addition, we join hands with outer cities to establish agricultural production bases. We should improve the facility standards of agricultural foundation and the level of mechanization in agriculture whilst strengthening the capacity of agriculture against natural calamities and output benefits. We also need to build 195 kilometers of main farm roads with hard bottom and 267 hectares of high standard farmland with the renovation of 40 unsafe bridges. We need to strictly supervise the quality management of agricultural products whilst intensifying efforts to prevent and control animal and plant epidemic diseases.

3. Increasing the level of urbanization

Striving for constructing an ideal city. We will build up the concept of green, smart, inclusive and human-centered development, and insist on civilized, livable, endurable and sustainable new urban development pattern. According to the principle of precise city positioning and management, a plan on urbanization development will be drafted and a batch of new urban areas, livable communities, culture districts and environment-friendly buildings will be constructed. We will work on protecting the Mother River (Qijiang River), promote exploiting the multi-functions of coastal cities across Taiwan Strait and make Qijiang River area more approachable, livable and dynamic. We will speed up the process of constructing the smart city, promote the application of space and geographical system, develop a computing platform for administration information construction and optimize the information system of medical health, smart transport, and digital city management. We will innovate the city management system and improve its quality to be more scientific and precise.

Accelerating the construction of Cuiheng New District. We will adhere to scientific development and easy construction, so as to pull up the development of industrialization with urbanization, promote the upgrading of industrial grouping with vertical integration, and expand the city development space through the intellectual exploitation of the marine resources. We will draw up the overall plan as well as special plans, such as environmental protection, transport, disaster prevention, use of the underground area and so on. Management framework will be arranged reasonably, development mode be determined, the pace of reclamation be quickened, and a series of key projects be promoted. Zhongshan will strive to become a pilot city that construction procedures could be conducted by right of marine use certificate. We will make effort to build up a pilot zone of spiritual homeland commonly owned by Chinese at home and abroad, demonstration site that promotes closer cooperation between China’s mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, a new pilot zone in an effort to build ideal cities in west bank of Pearl River, an experimental zone for intelligently exploiting the marine resources, and make effort to forge a new engine to bring along the upgrading and development of Zhongshan.

Strengthening scientific planning and guiding. We will exert more efforts in overall planning, improve urban-rural planning system, and push forward the integration of urban overall planning, land utilization planning, national economy and social development planning. We will draft a more advanced, scientific and constraint plan, and promote urban construction with high starting point, high efficiency and good taste. We will introduce an elevation examine regulation for urban construction and build up a city with distinctive styles and features. The planning of the main function area will come into being, in accordance with four patterns: optimization and promotion district, function-extended district, development-coordinating district, ecological-conservation district, and the layout of space function will be modified. We will foster the importance of the main urban area and strengthen its concentrating and radiating function, and therefore push forward the construction of three sub-centers—eastern, north-western and southern districts.

Constructing comprehensive transport system. We will vigorously promote a widely-connected, internal collaborative and clear transport system, work on “3015” project, to ensure a good connecting between inner-city and inter-town roads and realize 30-minute drive to urban area and 15-minute drive to expressways for the townships. We will take active part in constructing Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage, Western Coastal Railways, Zhongshan-Dongguan Inner-City Light Rail and Nansha Railways. The initial projects include Jiangmen-Panyu Highway, Panyu Bridge, Guzhen-Shenwan Road (phase II), expansion of Zhongshan Port Bridge, eastern section of the second horizontal road, the fourth vertical road, southern section of the second vertical road. The work of the following projects will be accelerated: the Guangzhou—Zhongshan Zhuhai Highway (phase II), the renovation of No. 105 State Road (Zhongshan section), Eastern Expressway, Xiaolan Expressway, Shishui Route (Guzhen-Nantou section), Middle Ring Road in Southern District, and the renovation of North Outer Ring Road. The following projects will be put into use this year: the third phase of Guangzhou-Zhuhai Western Line, Sanjiao-Gangkou Section of Fuyuan Road. We will implement strategic planning of public buses, work on the organization and management of public transport, and build up the bus exchange system and bus exchange centers in the main urban area. The number of buses will be increased, and the planning and construction of non-motorized system will be accelerated. We will optimize the function of “one port, five districts”, construct Huangpu Port and realize Zhongshan’s opening for foreign freights.

Strengthening infrastructure construction. We will ensure power supply, and accelerate the projects of transmitting and converting 110kv and above electricity, natural gas utilization in towns, the third phase of Jiaming Power Plant, combined production and supply of heat and power, and expansion of Huangpu combined heat and power, Zhangjaban Pumping Station, Fulng Pumping Station, Sanxiang Drainage project, Zhongshan-Zhuhai joint project of standard seawall reinforcement. We will strengthen people’s livelihood, push forward the expansion of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital Zhongshan orthopedics Hospital, the Municipal No.2 and No.3 People’s Hospitals, the reconstruction of Zhongshan Mental Health Center and Guishan Middle School, and construction of the second and third phases of Guangdong Institute of Technology ( Zhongshan School).

4. Strengthening the driving force of innovation

Taking an active part in financial innovation. We will push forward the mixture of three capitals: financial capital, land capital and industrial capital, in order to explore a new way of attracting innovative resources. We will speed up the construction of pilot unit for comprehensive reform of the integrated financial service in urban and rural areas, and set up a financial service system with sufficient capitals, perfect function and controllable risks. We will complete the restructuring of agricultural credit cooperatives into agricultural commercial banks, develop local financial institutes such as banks in villages and small towns, small loan companies, fund-raising guarantee companies, increase the proportion of SMEs’ and agricultural loans. We will support Agricultural Risks Mutual Help Society, enlarge the coverage of policy agricultural insurance, carry out the project of breeding cooperation to seek listings in echelon, and support listed companies to refinance. We will make effort to construct Torch High-Tech Development Zone to be a pilot unit for “the New Third Board”. We will build the west bank of Pearl River Estuary to be a cluster area for shareholding investment fund, and guide social capital into real economy.

Pushing forward coordinated innovation between “politics, industry, university and research”. We will magnify investments in science and technology, ensuring that the proportion of research and development expenditure in total output value rises to 2.2%. We will upgrade Municipal Productive Force Advance Center, Xiaolan Productive Force Advance Center, Torch Zone Hi-Tech Entrepreneur Center, Municipal Household Appliances Innovation Center and etc. to be regional scientific service platforms. The priority purchase system for innovation will be introduced to stimulate companies. And we will promote the national key colleges and research facilities to set up R&D institutions in Zhongshan, to uplift the service ability of R&D platforms as Beijing Institute of Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Nanjing Forestry University, etc. We will tackle hard issues in the core technology, carry out special items in scientific research and industrialize the scientific fruits. Protection of intellectual property will be fostered, and functions of National Intellectual Property Rights Rapid Maintain Center will be modified. Besides, we will fasten the development of expanding the privately-owned science and technology park.

Speeding up the implementation of the outline of the talents development program. We will make efforts to work on Top 10 projects such as supporting innovation-oriented groups, bringing in high-caliber personnel, cultivating skilled personnel, as well as carrying out the “1+15” policy which is designated to cultivate and bring in talents in short supply. We will establish Talent Pool, co-build the entrepreneur park by the provincial and municipal governments for returned overseas scholars, and encourage the construction of personnel carriers, such as national key laboratory and institute for academician. We will adopt preferential policies, such as granting qualified personnel permanent registration, and promote service for qualified personnel. We will cultivate a team of qualified personnel which is at large scale and is well-structured, and build up a city with advanced personnel.

5. Strengthening the development of ecological civilization

Implementing the beautification and greening projects. We will accelerate the landscape renovation in the main urban area and townships to shape ecological landscape characteristic of Linnan and water village. We will strengthen the comprehensive improvement of townscape feature in the entrances of urban areas and townships, both sides of arterial road, and important scenic spots, and press ahead with the construction of Zimaling Park, Tianxin Forestry Park, and Wetland Park in Western District. We will continue to launch activities of “planting trees, planting more trees, and taking good care of the trees after planting”, and carry out demonstration project of ecological landscape and forest belt. We will improve the system reform of forest ownership, accomplish the division reform of 433-hectare forest and the program for making the villages greener in 23 villages, and then the per capita public green percentage will reach 10.5 square meters. We will improve supporting facilities of greenway in the main urban areas, and launch the construction of greenway in townships.

Implementing the clear-water and blue-sky project. We will comprehensively accelerate the program for water treatment, and start the pilot project for the modernization of water conservancy. We will comprehensively dredge and clear up 200 kilometers of inland rivers, and improve the quality of Qijiang River. We will carry out the rain sewage diversion project, and increase operational performance of living sewage facilities, and move forward with the second phase construction of sewage collecting system in Zhenjia hill and Zhongjia. We will strengthen the safety of water resources, strictly implement the protection measures for the origins of drinking water, and explore dual water supply. We will intensify the control of salt tide, and give impetus to the work of combating salt tide and maintaining normal water supply. We will step up the treatment of heavy metal pollution and husbandry pollution. We will strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution, and do well in monitoring the emission of off gases and particles from motor vehicles.

Implementing the project of energy conservation and emission reduction. We will optimize energy structure, eliminate obsolete capacity, develop environmental industries, and carry out evaluation and examination system of energy conservation of the fixed assets investment project. We will encourage clean production, introduce and make innovation in production technology of low energy consumption and low emission. We will strictly administrate the power use, implement the key project for energy conservation and emission reduction, and make effort in the work of energy conservation in the area of construction, transportation, trade and commerce, public institution, rural area and other non-industrial areas. We will construct Xianlan low carbon development and promotion centre and automobile gas station in urban area, and encourage green consumption and energy saving life.

Implementing the village beautification project. We will accelerate the comprehensive development of environmental treatment in rural area, living supporting facilities, renovation of rural landscape, safeguard of rural scenery, and the beautification and greening construction. We will carry out village planning, and forge ahead with community management in rural area. We will fasten the construction of famous towns and villages, adhere to the principle of prosperous life, graceful environment, custom civilization, and distinct characteristics, make efforts to the work of pilot project for four townships and six communities, and increase the demonstration areas of the towns and villages.

6. Making innovation in social management

Building a diversified yet unified new management layout. We will improve the mode of social management of “One ideology, two breakthroughs, and three sharings”. We will balance all social management, construct social working development pattern led by the party committee, promoted by the government, operated by NGOs, and participated by the general public. We will increase the opportunity of the equal participation in social management for rural migrant workers, and push forward the harmonious development of social management.

Fostering and developing social organizations. We will gradually convert the instruction of social organizations into the guidance, and allow them to apply for setup directly from civil administration department. We will create special fund and incubator base for the development of social organizations, support and develop business association, specialized economic association for rural area, community and social organizations, and the welfare groups through supporting funds, transferring function, and purchasing services. We will actively implement grading estimation of social organizations, and standardize their development

Improving the construction of communities. We will construct township government administration service centers and community (or village) administration agencies. We will carry out activities of constructing harmonious enterprises, harmonious families, and harmonious communities, shape the new community look of enjoying work, intimating neighborhood, and quality life, and intensify the development of “Six good” safe and harmonious community. We will expand the mode of community (or village) management of “2+8+N”, and give impetus to the one-stop service of community affairs. We will strike the right balance between community management and property management.

Strengthening the development of social worker teams. We will develop social work institutions, strengthen the standardization of institutional structure, service quality, and performance evaluation. We will construct local and specialized social worker team, introduce and foster top talents of the social workers, improve the system of specialized training for social workers, and encourage local colleges and universities to set up the major in social working. We will develop voluntary organization, carry out the pattern of “social workers along with voluntary workers”, and establish the service system where social workers guide voluntary workers.

Developing harmonious and safe Zhongshan. We will improve right and interest security mechanism that adapts to social transformation, and improve the multipartite mediation structure that civil mediation, labor mediation, administrative mediation, and judicial mediation all interact with each other. We will solve social contradictions in accordance with laws, do well in the mass work in the new situation, pay more attention to the problems of the new-generation rural migrant workers, and develop harmonious social relations. We will respond actively to the letters and visits, strengthen administration to meet emergencies and risks, and strengthen the administration of virtual society. We will develop mental health service, and foster rational, peaceful and tolerant social mentality. We will strengthen the comprehensive control of public security, severely crack down crime and lawbreaking activities. We will implement safety production responsibility, reining in serious accidents. We will strengthen emergency response to meteorological disaster and other emergencies, and ensure the life safety and property security of the people.

7. Promoting the construction of cultural city

Displaying Sun Yat-sen culture. To put together the strength of overseas Chinese into the construction of the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, we will innovate our culture into a new “striding out” model, and set up a platform for exchange and cooperation with the activities such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen Cultural Festival, Zhongshan Cup Overseas Chinese Literature Award, Cuiheng Forum, etc. We will enhance the strength and influence of Sun Yat-sen culture so that we can make Zhongshan a demonstration cultural city, featuring Lingnan Culture, and a forerunner in constructing our common spiritual homeland.

Carrying out universal moral cultivation movement. We should develop cultural confidence, raise cultural consciousness, and encourage cultural improvement. Led by the socialist core value system, we should promote the cultivation of public awareness, display the city spirit, advocate good morality, put public civilization into practice, carry out the traditional Chinese culture, improve happiness and getting-along between the young and the old Zhongshan people, make efforts to improve the youngsters themselves, advocate moral among leading cadres, build 10 Actions in harmony and establish the Evaluation System Of Universal Moral Cultivation Movement for our people. We should seize the opportunity of reexamination in National Civilized City to entirely improve the soft strength of Zhongshan.

Enlarging the coverage of public culture. We should start to construct 139 Cultural Block, Comic Museum, and Sun Yat-sen Commemoration Library, accelerate the construction of Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition ( phase II) and urban sculpture. We should make sure that every ten thousand people can enjoy 1,200 square meters of the public facilities. We should improve the public cultural service network among city, town, and village. We should also construct modern new cultural stations, renovate rural cultural rooms, optimize 10-minute cultural circle in urban area and 10-kilometer cultural circle in rural area, and strengthen the urban cultural conservation and utilization such as cultural relics protection units, historic architectures, etc.

Promoting the prosperity of cultural undertakings. We should make sure the reform of cultural system, make great efforts in creating literary works of arts which represent the spirit of age and local characteristics. We should polish a series of influential local culture brands, for instance, Chinese Choral Station, City Forum, Community Culture and Arts Festival, Zhongshan Book Fair, etc., extend mass cultural activities, support superior public culture products from cultural enterprises and social forces. And we should develop cultural industries, enhance the cultural connotations in lighting, household appliances, rosewood furniture, leisure wear, etc., give support to the creative design, education and training, cultural tourism, animation and game entertainment, etc.

8. Improving people’s well-being standard

Improving social security system. 52 million yuan is allocated to promote employment and entrepreneurship, and increase new job opportunities within this year. We should raise the proportion of the middle-income group and protect the basic living of low-income group, increase the posts of public welfare undertakings, improve the linkage mechanism of temporary subsidies, subsistence allowances, unemployment insurance standard and rising prices, and form a mechanism of negotiation for determining employee wages, ensuring the regular wage increases and payment to strengthen labor service cooperation and guarantee enterprises’ labor supply. It will also invest 390 million yuan for social insurance to improve medical insurance, maternity insurance and industrial injury system, explore the introduction of commercial insurance and the involvement of enterprise management in health care services, construct dual-track new housing system of commodity house and security room to solve housing difficulties for low-income group, new workers and outside employees and set up long-effect mechanism of housing transformation for poor rural families. 97 million yuan is officially allocated on social assistance, completing national pension service standardization pilot projects, strengthening the construction of the Red Cross and China Charity Federation, and developing undertakings for the disabled.

Promoting a balanced and quality development of education. We will implement nine major projects including preschool education expansion, compulsory education balance, senior school cluster development, vocational education generating efficiency, connotation expansion of higher education, benefiting and sharing of lifelong education, developing special education, strengthening teaching, digital education and so on to increase the high quality education resources supply and speed up the modernization of education. We swill implement the three-year plan of action for preschool education and develop beneficial and public welfare kindergarten into effect. We will also deepen the reform of educational system to build the comprehensive reform pilot zone of vocational and technical education in Guangdong Province, perfect the pattern of classified training and management at different levels and urban areas, share responsibilities of expenditure per students with towns, explore city plan of senior high school education, and support the high quality development of non-governmental school.

Strengthening medical health and food safety. We will deepen the reform of medical and healthcare system, fully implement national essential medicine catalogue system, improve the comprehensive reform of public hospitals and grassroot medical and health institutions. We will perfect public health prevention and health service system, carry out public health service projects, major disease prevention and control, national immunization plan, health emergency, etc. We will also encourage social capital to found medical health institutions, regulate the management of non-governmental medical institutions. We will increase food and drug safety regulation, strengthen the supervision of problem-prone zones and bulk food, firmly contain significant food safety issues which once taking place will do harm to people’s health.

Developing social undertakings vigorously. We will formulate administrative measures of the balanced development of population, scientific control of population size, improve population quality, and try on equalization of basic public service for family planning of migrant workers. We will set up the national fitness demonstration city, develop mass sports, promote the level of competitive sports. We will complete ‘double reach’ poverty alleviation development and corresponding aid construction. We will give rein to the vital role of overseas Chinese and foreign affairs, Hong Kong and Macau affairs, Taiwan affairs and national and religious work in economic and social development, accomplish the work of national defense construction, double-support, women and children, aging, civil air defense, earthquake, archives and local records, etc.

9. Deepening the reform in the key areas

Fulfilling the major objectives of the “four-year development”. We should carry out the The Outline of the Plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta. (2008-2020), implement the measures for 67 major projects and 39 indexes and spare no effort to make outstanding achievements in the assessment. We will be motivated and active in cooperation with the Annular Pearl River Estuary Region. Neighboring with Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Zhongshan will put forth effort to introduce high-end services from Hong Kong and Macau, try to do the work well in connecting the Zhuhai and Macau bridge, take part in the establishment of quality living circles in PRD area and deepen the cooperation between Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Jiangmen.

Improving the economy adjustment mechanism. We will strengthen judgment on the economic situation and establish the city’s economy monitoring system. We will make full use of the statistical audit and uplift the level of forecasting warning. We will promote the tax-related information sharing, strengthen the budget monitoring adjustments, enhance the performance in the financial expenditure and improve the town’s financial management guidance mechanism. We will encourage the private capital to participate in the establishment of county and village banks, small loan company, financing guarantee company and other financial institutions, increase the integration intensity of municipal state-owned asset, and carry out the agent construction system for government-invested projects.

Deepening the reform of the administrative management system. We will optimize the organizational structure, rationalize the responsibility relationship and improve the overall performance. We will implement the reform of streamline administration, carry out the second batch of responsibility disposition, and establish the long-term mechanisms for dynamic expansion of the right. We will extend step by step the examination and approval matters to the towns, communities (or villages) to handle service issues and gradually transfer the services to the social organizations. We need to improve the administrative supervision and performance evaluation system as well as expand the electric monitoring area.

Promoting urban and rural integration reform. We will promote the planning and construction, infrastructure, industrial layout, public service level, “the Five Integrations” social management level, and accelerate the construction of pilot sites in 6 towns of Huoju district, Western district, Xiaolan town, Nantou town, Shaxi town, and Sanxiang town. We will strengthen the management of rural Land Contractual Management Right flowing,regulate and promote the collective land-use rights transactions. We also will implement the reform of the household registration system between city and countryside; narrow the gap in benefit package between rural inhabitants and city dwellers. In addiction, we will promote and extend the migrant population rewards service to medical insurance and housing security, and steadily improve the proportion of children of migrant workers who have free admission to compulsory education in public schools, in order to break dual structure of urban and rural development to achieve new progress.

Further improving the governing ability of the government. We will steadfastly be diligent for people and build a service-oriented government. So we will serve the people wholeheartedly as our tenet, listen to what they say, and concern about what the sufferings they may have and solve the problems involving the vital interests of the masses of the people. We also need to further transform government functions and improve the quality of public service. We will adhere to all levels of leadership and contact the key projects and enterprise system, creating a sound atmosphere of “pro-business, securing business, supporting business and enriching business” to help the enterprises pull through the difficulties and accelerate development.

Clarifying the reform orientation and building an efficient government. We will adopt multi-pronged measures to overcome the problems of kicking around the ball, eliminate being dilatory and improve the government efficiency. We should uphold that we can reform our public department in the sense of efficiency, and maximize the public finance benefits by means of budget constraint, performance evaluation, etc. We will also take measures to strictly control the government staff as well as personnel increase, and strive to lower the administrative cost.

Strengthening the style construction and building a sunlight government. We will keep the style of carrying all things out and making firm implementations, strengthen the ability of daring to take on responsibilities and being sophisticated and competent, build a team that is virtuous and united. All these aim to comprehensively improve the government execution. In addiction, we will actively promote openness in government affairs and network of political action to protect people's right to know and the right to participate, to express and to supervise.

Carrying out administration in accordance with the law and build a law-based government. We will be consciously subject to supervision in accordance with the law by the National People's Congress and democratic supervision by the CPPCC to improve the quality of bill proposals and proposals processing. We will earnestly listen to the views from the democratic parties,federation of industry and commerce,nonparty personage and other mass organizations; establish a sound decision-making mechanism including public participation, expert exposition, social publicity, risk assessment, legitimacy review, tracking and feedback; implement quantitative criteria of the administrative penalty discretion to deepen the building of the administrative review mechanisms of the Commission. And we will carry out the “Sixth-Five” law popularization to strengthen the construction of democracy by rule of law.
Focusing on combating corruption and building a corruption-free government. We will improve the corruption punishing and preventing system, explore the establishment of corruption prevention and control mechanism, strengthen administrative supervision and audit supervision, implement the normal supervision on capital utilization of key projects, carry out special treatment in the key areas where the resources such as labor, asset, rights, belongings are intensive, staunchly correct the practices of damaging the interests of the masses, strongly encourage the diligent and thrifty style, and strictly control the administrative expenses.

Transferring the development fruits to benefit the people. Last year, we accomplished the target of doing 10 things in 36 items to improve people’s livelihood, such as, uplifting bus travel sharing ratio, improving water quality of Qijiang river, launch Qijiang Cruise, organizing tree planting, constructing greenway network and non-motorized system, which made great achievements. Herewith, on behalf of the Zhongshan Municipal People's Government, I promise that on the basis of consolidating and prompting last year’s substantive results, we will continue to accomplish another 10 issues to improve people’s livelihood.

First, comprehensive water controlling consolidation. We will launch the distribution of rain and sewage, develop 12 sewage projects and 25 km-long sewage pipe with diameter over 600 mm in Anlan Road. We will accelerate the 2nd- phase of Qijiang riverside sightseeing project and launch the reform of Lanxi River in Cuiheng.

Second, environment-friendly transportation. We will accomplish 58.5 km greenways construction in the main urban area this year. Another 3,000 public bicycles and 100 new-energy buses will be available. Besides, using the bus IC card will enjoy discount.
Third, food safety maintenance. We will strengthen the certification of environment-friendly food and pollution-free products, launch the construction of large-amount food security testing system and promote the food security supervision getting access into the communities.

Fourth, housing security implementation. We will construct 4,500 sets of indemnificatory housings and renovate dangerous houses of 405 low-income households.

Fifth, constructing safe campus. We will accomplish the school security project of the primary and middle schools, strengthen the public security around the campuses and guarantee that all the school buses install surveillance cameras as well as the satellite positioning driving recorders.

Sixth, enriching the grassroots culture. We will widely develop activities such as culture going to the countryside and construct 5 township branch libraries, 10 rural culture demonstration rooms, 10 culture demonstration squares, 10 grassroots art demonstration clubs, and 10 demonstration farmers’ book stores.

Seventh, promoting universal exercising. We will make the city and town-level public stadiums free or favorably open, gradually enlarge the free physique monitoring areas, and regularly hold sport competitions for the people.

Eighth, stabilizing the prices and benefiting people. We will promote the fair-price shops settling down in towns, increase 40 fair-price shops and improve the subsidy for the people with low income.

Ninth, supporting the elderly and helping the disabled. We must guarantee the basic lives of the people with no income, no labor capacity and no legal obligors, and increase 30,000 emergency call devices for the elderly, develop the assistance programs for the disabled, the juveniles and the single parent families, and improve the low insurance standards in rural and urban areas.

Tenth, improving the security control and prevention. We will launch the social security video monitoring system (phase III), build or integrate 900 monitoring spots and reduce the social security problems.


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