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South District


South District, covering 48 square kilometers, located in the south of Zhongshan City proper, it administers 10 residential communities with a registered population of 21,500 and migrant population of 37,900. It is one of the most important hometowns for overseas Zhongshanese, with nearly 40,000 overseas Chinese living in more than 30 countries and regions. With the strategy of grouping development and strengthening the district by promoting industries, it has made great efforts to develop new industries and fetured industries, including tourism, logistics, real estate, etc., so as to optimize business climate, strengthen economic foundation and improving the quality of economic growth. In 2007: local GDP amounted 2 billion Yuan, up 15.6%; gross industrial output reached 7.2 billion Yuan, up 5.9%; gross agricultural output totaled 81.63 million Yuan, up 2%; tax revenue reached 430 million Yuan, up 30.3% including the local tax revenue of 185 million Yuan, 43% of the total, up 42.3%, and the State tax revenue of 245 million Yuan, accounting for 57% of the total, up 22.5%; the non-tax income 191 million Yuan, up 35%; the disposable financial revenue of the district reached 261 million Yuan, up 31%; famers’ per capita annual net income reached 9,728 Yuan, up10.5%.

As progress is made in all social sectors, South District has become one of the most promising areas in Zhongshan city proper in terms of residential environment, logistics, industry and tourism.

With charming scenery and beautiful environment, South District have attracted famous real estate companies and hotels to set up their business here, such as Shenzhen Vanke Real Estate, Wing On Group and Agile Properties.

South District, neighboring Wugui Mountain and Qijiang River, boasts great potential for developing the real estate sector. Along with Shenzhen Vanke Co.'s investment, the real estate sector began to boom in South District. With a total investment of over 1.2 billion Yuan, Shenzhen Vanke's properties cover an area of over 520 Mu and the total construction area reached over 500,000 square meters. At present, remarkable sales records have been made for Vanke’s mid to high end properties. Wing On Group's property positions at building a commercial community, with the total investment of over 100 million USD. Besides, Agile Property, a local real estate company, also established its investment here.

South District boasts mature traffic networks, and it is a major transportation hub connecting Zhongshan southward and westward. Hepu Commercial Logistics Center in South District is capable to serve the whole Zhongshan as well as surrounding cities, and it has attracted famous logistic businesses such as Guangzhou Hotoho Logistics and Hong Kong Heng Tai Group to settle business here.

In terms of industrial development, South District enjoys sound infrastructural facilities and great development potential. Its 5000 Mu Shuchong Industrial Park has attracted over 1300 Mu of investment, when the second phase is going to launch.

Many industry parks have been developed all over villages in South District in recent years. Shuchong Industry Park as a central municipal project will be expanded as part of Zhongshan's west-ring industrial base. Also, a series of favorable policies are issued to promote industrial development.

South District is the main originating place of Xiangshan Culture and Zhongshan overseas Chinese, it has not only famous cultural and historical sites, but also over 40,000 overseas Chinese living in around over 30 countries and regions.

Traditional featured industries such as elevators, textiles, food and auto parts enjoy booming development in recent years.

For future development, South District has drafted a blueprint according to its advantages and characteristics. It includes four major aspects: First, enhance industrial development by promoting the west-ring industrial base; Second, strengthen eco-tourism centered by Zhan's Garden and the Beixi River scenery spot; Third, promote logistics development such as the Hepu Logistics Center; Fourth, promote residential and real estate development. These four aspects correspond to four pillar industries of South District, and will promote a rapid growth of its economy.