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Dongqu District

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Dongqu District, where CPC Zhongshan Municipal Committee and Zhongshan Municipal People's Government are located, is the center of politics, economy, culture and information of Zhongshan. With an area of 71.4 square kilometers and permanent population of 120,000, there are 10 neighborhood committees under its administration. This district is one of the overseas Chinese hometowns in Zhongshan, with 25,300 compatriots of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese residing in 32 countries and regions. It is famed for its convenient transportation, complete infrastructure facilities, sound residential and working environment, favorable governmental policies and prosperous culture. Many large-scale infrastructure facilities including Sunwen Memorial Park, Zimaling Park, Citizens' Sports Square, Zhongshan Stadium, Cultural and Arts Center and Exhibition Center are all located in this area, which places it in a locationally advantageous position. The GDP of this district in 2005 reached to RMB 5.318 billion, 28.9% higher than that of 2004; the total industrial output value amounted to RMB 6.159 billion with an annual growth rate of 6.53% ; the total tertiary industry income was RMB 13.684 billion, up by 6.53% year-on-year; the general budgetary revenue of local governments totaled RMB 194 million, up by 18.82% over the previous year; the tax revenue increased by 29.64% at RMB 1.147 billion; the gross export value grew up by 13% to USD 1.34 billion; the actually utilized foreign capital amounted to USD 15.15 million, equal to the previous year. All the key economic indicators maintain continuous and steady development.

Established in 1987, Dongqu District, basing on the actual conditions of this area and maintaining a steady orientation for its growth, continuously optimizes its environment and strives to create a new downtown image. "Famous Brand" strategy is widely implemented in industrial development, and the strategy of "developing the district with industry" is now having a positive effect. These strategies have already brought a well-rounded light industrial system, which is highlighted by electronic industry and coordinated by metal, plastics, packing, clothing and tannery industry. Famous enterprises include Jiahua Electronics, GE Plastics, Xintean Appliance, Lixiang Electronics, etc. Efforts also made to the tertiary industry, all kinds of markets are established to attract the investment and the strategy of  "serving the city, expanding the tertiary industry" is actively implemented.

Nowadays, there are more than 6600 commercial merchants in Dongqu District. The tertiary industry is gradually turned into a "Four-wheel Drive" pattern in which real estate, commodity circulation, tourism and modern service industries display their respective advantages and stimulate one another for common development. On one hand, prosperous people stream and strong commercial atmosphere have produced great additive effect. Shopping, catering and entertainment facilities can be found everywhere in the district. Commercial centers like Jinghua and Wanjia have brought more business opportunities, and local commercial business circles, such as East Sunwen Road, Kuchong, Baiyuan, Zhuyuan and Qiwan are hustle and bustle all day. The inauguration of Shangri-La Hotel and Exhibition Center certainly promoted the commercial position of Dongqu District. On the other hand, the strategy "serving the city, expanding the tertiary industry" is actively implemented, and the most active real estate industry is continuously promoted. Famous modern real estate brands like Yicui Garden, Yongjing Garden, La Cite Greenville, Elegant Green Garden, Shuiyunxuan are activating and promoting tourism, catering, entertainment and community service and other related industries.

Dongqu District, with great business opportunities, is full of vigor and vitality. With respect to the future development, Dongqu District will precisely position itself in city development, scientifically upgrade its location advantages, continuously build up administrative management and service center, local commercial center, high-grade cultural center and ecological sustainable residential center. Through the rapid development of modern information, traffic and education networks, Dongqu District will be constructed as a new civilized and harmonious urban district which is "suitable for both life and career".