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A 600-hectare wetland park to be built in Cuiheng

It is learned that the plan for building a wetland park in Cuiheng has passed expert panel evaluation. The 600-hectare wetland park will be situated at the junction of fresh and salty waters in the Hengmen Channel of Zhujiang River estuary.

It is introduced that the total area of the wetland park reaches 623.6 hectares, and is the largest of its kind in Zhongshan. The wetland park is expected to be built into a integrated one combining the functions of wetland protection, demonstration of wetland culture, education of popular science, research, and wetland tourism.

Wetland Park is a typical representative of the wetland ecosystem of the Zhujiang River estuary. The construction of Wetland Park plays an important role in ensuring the safety of local ecology and mangroves.

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