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Abandoned rural land transformed into a beautiful park

Lush green land showered in the summer drizzle, saplings waving in the wind, red-quadreled path zigzaging to infinite distance…it’s a rural park transformed from a 7 mu deserted land in Jinxi Village.

“It used to be a deserted land filled with trash, but now what a beautiful park it is!” said the village branch party secretary Li Yishan. “Villagers all enjoy taking a walk or doing exercise here in the morning or evening.”

Jinxi Village is one of the beneficiaries of the Project of Constructing 10000 Green Villages, which was officially launched at the end of last year. Till this July, 13 villages (Jinxi included) have seen improvement made on rural ecological environment. Recently, the largest investment of this project, more than 500,000 yuan, is to be put in to make a park out of a hill in Shenxi Village, Shenwan Town.
Wen Jianxin from the Municipal Green Commission said, the Project of Constructing 10000 Green Villages emphasizes on preserving the Fengshui Forest, protecting the historical heritage and make a full use of the deserted land to build a green landscape. The project aims to improve the village green coverage to 30% and provide villagers with a place for leisure and sports. Now more than 4 million yuan has been injected, more than half have finished the construction and by the end of this year, the task to build 21 green villages is expected to be fulfilled.

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