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Public Interest Litigation Filed by Zhongshan to Declare War Against Pollution of the Oceans

On July 3rd, Guangzhou Maritime Court of PRC officially registered public interest litigation of some Peng and others to pollute the ocean environment filed by Zhongshan Ocean and Fishery Bureau, and chose a day to open a court session. This is the first case of civil public interest litigation of ocean pollution filed by the marine administrative department in Guangdong Province and the first case filed by marine administrative department of the prefecture level city in the country.

According to the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, Zhongshan Ocean and Fishery Bureau required that the five actors should assume liability for tort, should immediately clear the garbage dumped, and treat the pollution in the surrounding sea water, or should immediately compensate for the ecological restoration which costs 3751941.78 yuan; immediately compensate for the loss of environmental function caused by pollution, which is 3531748.5 yuan; and immediately compensate for the relevant charges of litigation of this case, including identification, monitoring, and procuration by lawyers , etc which is 562800 yuan, and bear the litigation cost of 66000 yuan.

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