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People spending 77 thousand yuan through Alipay ranks about 580 thousandth in Zhongshan

  Alipay released The Annual Public Bill for 2017 recently. Data show that Zhongshan people’s mobile payment proportion reached 75%, ranking 16th in Guangdong and 326th in China.
  Zhongshan people maintained high consumption level last year. Miss Lin, one of the Alipay users, was revealed spent 34.8 thousand yuan last year, ranking about 1.6461 millionth in Zhongshan. According to Zhongshan Statistical Bulletin, by the end of 2016, the permanent resident population of Zhongshan was 3.23 million. Assumed every Zhongshan resident has an Alipay account, Miss Lin who had beaten 89.55% of the Alipay users in China in consumption only ranked in the middle in the city.
  If someone spent 77 thousand yuan through Alipay last year, he/she could only rank about 580 thousandth in Zhongshan, but could exceed 96% of Alipay users across the country.
  On the Alipay platform, Guangdong people’s mobile payment proportion reached historical high 72%, but was still lower than the national average (82%) . Zhongshan people’s mobile payment proportion was about 75%, a little higher than the provincial average and much higher than last year’s (60.66%).

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