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Zhongshan police help more than 30 families reunite in 9 years

  You Dehua, who has been separated from home and gets married in his adoptive father’s family, finally reunited with his natural parents based in Guizhou city. DNA-comparison technique played an important role in his reunion in addition to the assistance provided by civil voluntary reunion organization “Baby Home” and Zhongshan police.
  According to officer Han, the principal of Zhongshan Anti-trafficking of Women and Children Office, this is the fourth case with successful utilization of the technique so far this year.
  Since 2009, the state Ministry of Public Security has established the national anti-trafficking DNA database for combating trafficking of women and children. Zhongshan Anti-trafficking of Women and Children Office also established a local database which connects to other databases nationwide. Over the past 9 years, it has helped 30 persons who have been taken DNA samples at Zhongshan police departments reunite with their birth parents or children.

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