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3.4 million of fish swim into the coastal waters of Tsuihang New District

  The 2018 Aquatic Organisms Breeding and Releasing cum China Ocean Day Propaganda Activity sponsored by Zhongshan Ocean and Fisheries Bureau was held in Tsuihang New District on June 13. More than 140 citizens and students released 3.4 million of fish fries back to the coastal waters.
  This year, Zhongshan will allocate 1.35 million yuan financial funds on purchasing more than 30 million fish fries for releasing, according to Zhongshan Ocean and Fisheries Bureau. The releasing location will be selected in the coastal waters of Nanlang, Tsuihang New District, Tanzhou, Gangkou, etc.
  Reportedly, Zhongshan has carried out aquatic organism releasing activities for 36 consecutive years since 1982. More than 12.65 million yuan has been used and more than 460 million of fish are released.

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