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The per capita income of Dongsheng farmers increases 20 times in 30 years

  The “Thirty Years of Love” Performance Show for the Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Dongsheng’s Establishment was held on the night of December 21. It is revealed that the town is expected to generate 11.52 billion yuan of regional GDP this year, which increases 143 times compared with 30 years ago. The total value of industrial output reaches 29.3 billion yuan, up 1,035 times from 30 years ago. The per capita income of local farmers is 24,015 yuan, up nearly 20 times from 30 years ago.
  As the “youngest” organizational town in Zhongshan, Dongsheng was separated from Xiaolan in 1986. It was originally called “Jilong Town”, and was changed to the current name since October of 1987. In 1999, the former Tanbei Town was incorporated into Dongsheng and formed the current territory of the town. After 30 years of development, Dongsheng has opened up a new-type professional town development path with its own characteristics.

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