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China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park Profile

The Investment Environment

The Geographical Advantages

The Industry Clusters

The Industrial Basis

The Investment Attraction Policies

The Policies about the Construction and Development of Scientific and Technological Company Incubators

The Industry Service Platform

Guangdong Zhongce Food and Cosmetic Safety Evaluation Center

Retrospect of Major Events

China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park project research team go out to acquire others' experience in construction of industrial parks

The Successful Cases

China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park has succeeded in introducing two companies.

About Us

China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park Profile

    Guangdong Province is China's strongest province in economic strength as well as one of the areas that first opened up to the outside. It has long been a major province that attracts foreign investment. Nearly 30 Fortune 500 companies have invested in Zhongshan, including Novartis' Sandoz and ThyssenKrupp.

    China-Switzerland (Zhongshan) Industrial Park is a new model industrial park built in a special economic district called Cuiheng New Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong province. It results from the 21st century economic trend, Guangdong's leading economic status, the favorable policies granted by the Central Government and combination of China's planning and Switzerland's technological advance. The park will attract the leading companies and hi-tech companies from Switzerland and other European countries, and become a concentrating, creative and influential model park for China-Switzerland cooperation

lThe Cooperation Mode

    In the large background that China and Switzerland have signed a free trade agreement and maintained a sound trade partnership, the Construction Management Team are actively communicating and coordinating with Switzerland's relevant governmental departments and companies in depth and details about the issues concerning construction of the industrial park, project attractions, supporting policies, company servicers and so on.

lThe Operation Mode

    It is guided by the government, dominated by companies and operated by the market to maintain effective and flourishing. China-Switzerland Joint Venture Companies will be set up to be responsible for investment attraction, management, service, guarantee and other work.

The Industrial Park Plan

lThe Industrial Park Orientation

High-end Industries

    In the light of scientifically planning, actively promoting and pragmatism, the park aims at two parts, one of which is healthy pharmaceutics, including pharmaceuticals, food,essences and balsam while the other is precision machinery manufacturing, including instrumentation equipment, textile machinery, electrical equipment

Leading technologies

    The industrial park will be enhanced in supporting facilities for scientific research incubation centers and improved in concentrating scientific research workers and organizations, emphasizing not only industrial production, but also transactions and transformation of intellectual property as well as research. The specific ideas are as follows: 1. Producing-learning-research cooperation; 2. Transformation of technologies; 3.transfer of technologies; 4 Science and technologies and finance; 5. Inspection and test; 6. intellectual property protection

Ecological Demonstration

    The park takes full advantage of Cuiheng New Zone's special geographical location and ecological advance in the light of respect for nature, wise land and seas use, environmental protection. It aims to be a new elegant and comfortable garden town, a new low-carbon ecological smart town, a new beautiful coastal town and a new special birth town of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The park should simultaneously have the following features: 1 Swiss elements, Lingnan style and Zhongshan characteristics; 2. Green ecology and blue ecology; 3. Swiss culture, customs and architectural styles.

lThe Goals

    The immediate goal is to set up an innovative mode for construction, development and operation, attract the leading companies and hi-tech projects from Switzerland and other European countries, and promote the concentrating development of healthy pharmaceuticals, precision machinery manufacturing. 
    The long-term goal is to build an international model industrial park that is highly concentrating, creative and influential, setting an example for the cooperation between the two countries.

lThe Land Use Plan

    The park plans more than 600 acres for healthy pharmaceuticals, more than 400 acres for precision machinery manufacturing, 460 acres for the ecological demonstration zone and about 200 acres for finance and education. The whole coverage surpasses 165 acres. Divided into different steps and orders, the first-phase about 250 acres will be planned as the initiating area and 7 acres of the first phase is under construction.

The Investment Environment

The Geographical Advantages
    China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park is located in the central part of the Pearl River Delta Region, one of the three most dynamic urban agglomerations in China, 300 kilometers in radius, with a population of 100 million and 11 percent of China's GDP. Within the 90 kilometers in radius, there are five major airports and three ocean shipping deepwater ports. Zhongshan will be a golden corridor to connect West Guangdong with Shenzhen, Hong Kong and even more extensive areas facilitated by Guangzhou-Zhuhai China Railway High-speed (CRH) and the construction of the western coastal railway, Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge.

The Transportation Advantages
    As for the sea transport, Zhongshan has Zhongshan Cargo Port, a state-class cargo port with China's top 10 and world's top 100 container throughput for long, and Zhongshan Passenger Port, a would-be passenger water transport center on the western bank of the Pearl River with lines to Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen, which will be started in 2015 and aims to build a 60-minute transport circle with Hong Kong, Macau and the eastern bank of the Pearl River Delta included.

    As for the land transport, Zhongshan has a dense road network. In the urban area, half-an-hour life circle is established; the towns can reach the expressways in 15 minutes; buses and highways connect all the villages. The road network of Zhongshan is the only one that has been assessed as Class A Management for China's Smooth Transport for six straight times.

    Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge, 24 kilometers long, starts from China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park. It will only take 25 minutes of driving from Shenzhen to Cuiheng New Zone after completion of the bridge. It will be a golden corridor that connects Shenzhen-Dongguang-Guangzhou economic circle and Zhuhai-Zhongshan-Jiangmen economic circle, and accelerate the Shenzhen-Zhongshan integration.

    Cuiheng Express Line starting at the centre of the area links Zhongshan's urban area. It will take only 15 minutes of driving from Cuiheng New Zone to Zhongshan's downtown area.

    Inter-City Light Rail Transport makes it easier to reach Guangzhou and Zhuhai, 38 minutes from Zhongshan Station to Guangzhou South Railway Station, and 22 minutes from Nanlang Railway Station to Zhuhai Railway Station.

    As the air transport, one hour and a half is enough to reach any of the five major airports: Guangzhou, Shenzhe, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau International Airport.

A Livable City

The Environmental Advantages

    Zhongshan City is environmentally livable city. The air quality and water quality of main rivers 100 percent reach the standard. The forest coverage rate reaches 39.2 percent; the public green land per capita reaches 10.9 square meters. There are five towns that were rated as national environmentally beautiful towns and received such honors as National Garden City, National Environmental Protection Model City, and National Civilized City. Zhongshan is the first city that has received United Nations' "Habitat Award".

lThe Social Advantages
    Zhongshan City is stable, safe and harmonious. The people live and work happily there. The city has received such honors as "Lasting Peace Cup" in national social security administration, National Top 10 Happiest City and China's Harmonious City.

The Talent Advantages

Education and Culture

    There are six full-time universities and colleges with Zhongshan Institute, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University. In addition, there are various vocational schools and vocational middle schools. There are over 50,000 graduates from these schools every year, which can completely meet investors' needs for human resources.

    Within the 90 kilometers in radius there are well-structured and improved supporting education and training systems that can constantly provide high-quality workers for social and industrial development. There are over 130 higher education institutes, 382 state-owned research and development organizations, scientific and technological information organizations and documentation organizations, and 2511 research and development centers set up by above-scale industrial companies. There are 8 national engineering labs, 23 national engineering centers and 1088 province-level engineering centers.

    The Pearl River Delta has become a talent ecological circle, which is more closely connected, more creative, more smoothly communicative and more integrated in scientific research under the grand background that the Pearl River Delta is to be built into a model region of independent innovation. The circle will show more influence on the restructuring and upgrading of industries and cities in the Pearl River Delta.

lScientific and Technological Innovation
    Zhongshan has received the title Advanced City in National Scientific and Technological Advance Assessment for three times. It has become a "(pilot) innovative base of national Torch Plan special industrial clusters", national pilot city of intellectual property and Guangdong model base in integration of producing, learning and researching granted by Ministry of Education. There are 137 national, provincial and municipal engineering centers and 233 technological centers. The patent applications have gone up by 50.9 percent and 11 scientific researches have won provincial scientific and technological awards and patent awards.

The Industry Clusters

The Industrial Basis

    Around China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park there are 34 national industrial bases and 15 province-level specialized towns that can provide supports in such industries as pharmaceutics and hi-tech electronics.

    Five major industry clusters of shipbuilding and ocean engineering, new energies, new materials, wind power and energy conserving equipment have taken their initial shape around the Initiating Area of the park. They have gathered a large number of advanced companies such as Guangzhou Shipyard International, Guangxin Shipbuilding and Heavy Industry, Mingyang Wind Power, Wistron, China Hi-tech.

    The park will take large international healthy pharmaceuticals companies as the leading force and drive the coordinated development of Medical Equipment Manufacturing Area (Eastern Second Circle) and Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Area (Western Second Circle). So far two supporting companies Lead Packaging and Zhaohong Precision Mould have settled down and started their business. Three biomedical companies have entered the park and a large number of quality projects in the line of medical equipment have been started.

Industrial Orientation

    The positioning of the park is mainly healthy pharmaceuticals and precision machinery manufacturing. In addition to biomedical and precision machinery manufacturing projects, it also actively introduces supporting industries such as financial organizations, training and educating organizations.

    The park has initially built up a sound industrial climate in the development of the pharmaceuticals industry clusters and precision machinery manufacturing clusters. Some renowned companies are as follows:

The Investment Attraction Policies

    Cuiheng New Zone is consistent with Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in access standards and preferential policies for investment attraction. Cuiheng New Zone has issued Assess Standard for Industrial Projects in Initiating Area of Cuiheng New Zone Zhongshan and Access Catalog for Industries in in Initiating Area of Cuiheng New Zone Zhongshan (2015). Cuiheng New Zone has implemented the consistent policies for investment attraction with Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone to promote the sound development of healthy technological industries, encourage the innovative development in science and technology, and introduce high-level talent worker.

The Policies about the Construction and Development of Scientific and Technological Company Incubators

    Scientific and Technological Fund of the park will support no less than RMB 3 million yuan, RMB 2 million yuan and RMB 1 million yuan respectively to companies that are listed as national incubators, provincial incubators and Cuiheng New Zone incubators.

Encouragement of Scientific and Technological Innovation

    At least RMB 100 million yuan out of the Cuiheng New Zone budget will be arranged as the scientific and technological innovation fund for technological innovation and healthy scientific and technological industries.

Improved Development for Healthy Scientific and Technological Industries

    A special fund of RMB 15 million yuan will be arranged to support the development of healthy scientific and technological industries including platform construction, scientific research, industrial agglomeration, supports for major companies and project supporting, and so on. Expenditure ranges from project expenses, supporting expenses for project attraction and project managing expenses.

Support for Medium-sized and Small Scientific and Technological Companies

    Cuiheng New Zone arranges a certain budget for innovation of medium-sized and small companies. The priority is given to following projects: national or provincial innovation projects, innovative hi-tech companies with good prospects in future market that can play a vital role in economic restructuring, environmental projects that can evidently conserve energy, technological projects that transfer the scientific researches and technologies of research institutes, organizations and universities to scientific and technological medium-sized and small companies, and hi-tech service projects that provide professional service for medium-sized and small companies, high-level overseas students' hi-tech projects with a good industrial future or projects with independent key technologies.

The Special Supporting Fund for the Intellectual Property Pledge Loan

    A special supporting fund of RMB 9 million yuan is set up for the intellectual property pledge loan. It will provide interest subsidies by a certain percentage for medium-sized and small companies during their intellectual property pledge loan term.

Policies for Introduction of Talents

    A certain amount of budget is arranged every year for doctoral subsidies, postdoctoral research funding, subsidies for urgently needed talents, scientific research talent team funding and overseas high-level talent funding and so on.

The Industry Service Platform

Guangdong Zhongce Food and Cosmetic Safety Evaluation Center

    It is state-level third-party inspection agency. It provides comprehensive and professional inspection service and safety technology evaluation service for food and cosmetic companies in Zhongshan and the Pearl River Delta.

Zhongshan Equipment Manufacturing Research Institute (ZEMRI)

    ZEMRI is managed and operated in a brand-new mechanism. With years of development, ZEMRI has achieved great progress in construction of the public innovation platform. It has set up nine research centers and platforms, including Games Producing-Learning-Researching Federation, Optical Information Technology Research and Development Center, Wind Power Technology Research Institute, Zhongshan City Precision Electronic Public Platform.

Zhuhai-Zhongshan-Jiangmen Healthy Pharmaceuticals Comprehensive Test Platform

    It has passed a number of qualification accreditations such as national non-special purpose cosmetic imports testing organization. It is applying for qualification accreditations of national cosmetics administrative license inspection agency and Guangdong Port Drug Control Zhongshan Agency. It provides the testing service including medical device standards detection, registration inspection and safety evaluation for healthy pharmaceuticals companies in Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Jiangmen.

Guangdong Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Zhongshan Branch

    Zhongshan Branch of Guangdong Quality Supervision and Inspection Center which is a state-level food and drug supervision and administration organization, provides the testing service including medical device standards detection, registration inspection and safety evaluation for healthy pharmaceuticals companies inside and outside the park.

Biological Macromolecular Drug R & D Outsourcing Service Platform

    The platform is equipped with a whole-course technological platform for preclinical research and development of innovative antibody drugs, including antibody production, functional screening, antibody engineering, humanization and optimization, pharmacokinetics and metabolism, formulation and mass production. The platform is equipped with international-standard animal houses and GLP standard laboratories. It can provide outsourcing service about research and development of high-quality biological macromolecules protein and antibody drug in line with the international standard.

Financial and Capital Operation Service Platform

    The financial service platform cooperates with financial institutions, guarantee agencies, re-guarantee institutions and intermediaries, and set up a financial services affiliate system that provides combined financial service about guarantee, credit, investment, trust, financial advisory, management consulting and so on. The financial services affiliate system develops financial products such as the intellectual property pledge loan, the platform loan, supply chain loan and fiancé lease, that suit companies in the park through strategic cooperation and innovative financing.

Retrospect of Major Events

China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park project research team go out to acquire others' experience in construction of industrial parks

    China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park project research team left for Foshan Sino-German Industrial Service Zone, Taichang Sino-German Medium-sized and Small Enterprises Cooperation Model Zone from January 15 to 16, 2013 and acquired some good managing experience about infrastructure construction, operation management and company service.

    In addition to application of the acquired managing experience to practice, the research team holds Cuiheng New Zone should take full advantage of the opportunity and promote Zhongshan products to Switzerland and Europe through the platform while introducing Swiss and European China-oriented products and services to the industrial park. Then the park will take advantage of the imported products distribution center on the Chinese market and expand its business nationwide.

The operation platform built for China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park

    According to the essence of the mayor office meeting (No. 67 Meeting Minutes (2014)), Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone is the organizer, responsible for the park construction, investment attraction, park planning and other specific work while Cuiheng Investment Company is the investment, construction and operation management body and a special subsidiary company is set up to provide the management and service for the park.

    Cuiheng Investment Company reported "Proposals on Formation of Zhongshan China-Switzerland Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd." and Zhongshan China-Switzerland Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (ZCSSTD) completed the business registration and tax registration procedures in 2014 after the report was approved by Cuiheng New Zone Party Work Committee in September. ZCSSTD is a limited liability company with sole proprietorship, subordinated to Cuiheng Investment Company. The legal representative is Liu Rong. The registered capital is RMB 3 million yuan. Its business range includes investment and technology promotion service, cultural event planning, property management, industrial space rental, commercial space rental, office rental and conference and exhibition services.

The Initiating Area first started in China-Switzerland Industrial Park

    China-Switzerland Industrial Park is positioned as a biopharmaceutical cluster for pharmaceuticals, food and essences and a manufacturing cluster for instrumentation equipment, textile machinery and electrical equipment. The planned area covers over 1600 acres land while the initiating area covers 250 acres. Cuiheng New Zone is working on the formation of ZCSSTD at present and sends a team to Switzerland for project attraction. It has come into the investment attraction work. China-Switzerland Industrial Park has introduced a knitting equipment project from the Swiss Society for Microbiology (SSM) and a German CO precision fiber project. The preliminary preparations for the leased plants of the projects have been complete. It is expected that the plants will have been completed by next January.

    Swiss SSM is one of the few textile machinery manufacturing companies that master the air texturing technology. It designs high-performance textile machines and provides maintenance, repair and technical support for clients from 62 countries. It owns three factories in Switzerland, Italy and China and sets up a complete sales and service system. As a market leader in the area of winding technologies in the line of textile machinery, SSM that has long upheld the idea that "technological advance is the core of development while human resources are the sources of development," puts in a lot of manpower and material resources for product research and development.

Actively participating in the investment attraction and promotion activities and promoting Swiss companies to get involved in the construction of China-Switzerland Industrial Park in Cuiheng New Zone

    Consul General of Switzerland in Guangzhou Didier Boschung and Chairman of Swiss Chamber of Commerce Guangzhou Branch Rene Foster arrived to meet Mayor Chen Liangxian on September 23 for investigation into the construction process of China-Switzerland Industrial Park in Cuiheng New Zone. Cuiheng New Zone sent a team to participate in Guangdong Investment Promotion in Switzerland organized by Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province and Zhongshan People's Government late October to promote the investment environment and policies of Cuiheng New Zone to Swiss companies for the purpose of attracting Swiss high-end technologies and advanced management experience.

The Successful Cases

China-Switzerland (Europe) Industrial Park has succeeded in introducing two companies.

SSM Textile Machinery (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.

    Swiss SSM Group, one of the leading companies in the line of textile machinery in Switzerland, owns a number of patented technologies, 3 production bases in Switzerland, Italy and China, 10 service centers and 80 offices around the globe.

    SSM's new project in the park intends to produce new textile machines. Its annual output value will exceed RMB 100 million yuan and its revenue will exceed RMB 10 million yuan and its contribution to tax revenue will exceed RMB 10 million yuan after putting into production.

Cubo (Zhongshan) Communication Equipment Co., Ltd

    Cube Optics AG is established in Mainz, Germany in 2000. It manufactures and markets miniaturized fiber-optic components, modules and systems for use in data and telecommunications. It provides the most advanced communication equipment and complete optical transport solutions for international network operators such as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Huawei, ZTE, Sweden Netnod Group and Telefónica UK Limited

    In order to better expand the scale of production and R & D capabilities, Cubo intends to set up a production site in Zhongshan, producing miniaturized fiber-optic components, multiplexers, passive components, active components, optical patch cords, the band splits, sensors, modules, transceivers, amplifiers, micro-components, relays, connectors, and overall accessories as well as preproduction of the above products.